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About Polyethylene


The rapid development of plastic technology led to significant changes in the field of production of raw materials. As a whole, there are two methods of the production of polyethylene: low density polyethylene is produced under high pressure, medium and high-density  - under low pressure.


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Plastic masses and their processing technology


After the invention of the method of chemical modification of natural polymers in the XVIII century, the industry of plastics masses began to develop. In recent years, hundreds of new polymers have been synthesized on a global scale. The synthesis of polymers with new chemical properties shows high level of development of the chemical industry.

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The advantages of plastic pipes


First of all, it should be noted that high density PE100 has high technological features, and therefore, pipes made of this raw material are notable for high technical indicators. Compared to other types of polyethylene pipes and steel pipes, PE100 pipes have the following characteristics:


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